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Rick McGonnigal

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Cell: (386) 295-2497 
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RICK MCGONNIGAL: THE "Daytona Buyers' Guy"! To best get to know Rick McGonnigal, after reviewing the bio below be sure to visit his "Buyers' Guy" web site at! And, one more thing: after you've searched all the various web sites available to savvy Internet shoppers and have narrowed down your options to a manageable number, DO NOT CONTACT the agent who placed the listing - they represent the Seller!! You wouldn?t use your ex's lawyer in a divorce, would you??!! And in one of the largest financial transactions in your life that you?ll conduct - the purchase of a primary or vacation/retirement home - why NOT have your OWN agent looking out for YOUR interests in the negotiations and closing?? Be sure instead to contact Rick - the Buyers' Guy - as he is not only your best bet in refining your search to valid choices that match YOUR DREAMS but ALL LISTINGS HAVE BEEN STRUCTURED TO PAY COMMISSIONS TO BOTH AGENTS?..SO YOU CAN ENJOY RICK?S REPRESENTATION WITHOUT YOU HAVING TO PAY FOR IT! Rick brings 25 years of executive-level sales and marketing experience, with national account contacts and contracts with the likes of Wal-Mart, Sears, State Farm, Circle K, Blockbuster and many others to the luxury real estate market of Flagler and Volusia Counties. McGonnigal joined Adams Cameron in 2002 and, as his sales pedigree would predict, soon soared to the President?s Club - the Top Twenty of Adams Cameron & Co. Realtors. However, UNLIKE the others in that prestigious group, McGonnigal?s revenues were primarily derived from representing Buyers, NOT Sellers. Most successful career Realtors properly build their businesses around the development of listings - offering homes, condos and land for sale. Rick has taken a "contrarian" point of view: while it sacrifices the overall income level to NOT focus on the distribution business of listings, the MOST FUN and PERSONALLY rewarding aspect of real estate for Rick is HELPING BUYERS TURN DREAMS INTO REALITY. The skill sets that differentiate McGonnigal from many if not most other Realtors, in terms of representing BUYERS include:  Empathy  Listening  Active and In Depth Questioning  Matching Wants/Needs to Fulfilling Property Coices So - Go Ahead - SEARCH through and Yahoo Real Estate and the other great choices you?ve got. But remember that listings are written by and for SELLERS by THEIR agents. And just as you?d never use the lawyer representing the OTHER side in a lawsuit or divorce, you don?t need nor want to use the other sides agent. Choose YOUR representation ? its free as arranged for by the Seller payment of commissions ? and make it a BUYERS' Guy! We look forward to serving you. And for those seeking to SELL their homes and condos, you should consider working with Team McGonnigal, the listing side of our Internet-driven business, as our marketing outreach is second-to-none in the area and, hmmm, it?s funny?but if you look above, we represent more buyers than most others in the area! Rick was born in Massachusetts, spent the majority of his life in Baltimore, including raising there his three children who have so far provided him with six grandkids. He?s a Hopkins grad twice over (engineering, MBA), was and remains an athlete, enjoys reading, music and with a still-developing mid-fluency in Spanish, enjoys travel to Latin American destinations. He has been a Florida resident for 11 years, in both oceanfront condos and his present beachside home in Ormond By The Sea.  

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